Mark Vitazko

I work on the Cloud + AI team at Microsoft, designing voice and mixed reality experiences for enterprise customers.



Joined the HoloLens Design team, helping enterprise partners understand mixed reality.


Joined the Windows Internet of Things team, incubating cloud-connected hardware, voice experiences, and tools.


Moved to Microsoft, designing core apps, concepts and developer guidance for Windows Phone.


Started at General Electric, designing home energy and smart appliance products.


Selected Work

Mixed Reality Partner Program

Developer experience

Developing content, hosting week-long workshops, and mentoring Microsoft's enterprise and agency partners in VR and AR design.


Cortana Developers Tools

Cortana Skills Kit
Cortana Devices SDK

Cortana + Bots

Exploring the opportunities of extending Cortana to developers and designing tools to help developers create conversational experiences.


Windows + The Internet of Things

Design strategy

Developing a framework to understand the potential of cloud-connected hardware for Microsoft's enterprise and consumer business.


Past Projects + Teams

HoloLEns + Volumetric Video

Technical workshop

Designing a week-long workshop to teach enterprise partners about using volumetric video in mixed reality experiences.


Ambient Devices

Product incubation

Designing future hardware and software experiences for cloud-connected devices with Microsoft Research and Microsoft China.


Microsoft Ventures

Mentor (Fall '14, IoT)
Mentor (Summer '15, Digital Work

Mentoring hardware and services startups on product design at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.



'Cortana Reminders'
Productivity concepts

Designing voice experiences + concepts for Cortana on Windows and Windows Phone.


Windows Phone


Shipping the Camera experience in Windows Phone 8.1, in collaboration with Nokia engineering.


Windows Phone DevelopeRS

Windows Phone Developer Center
Windows Phone Store
Partner guidance

Delivering design guidance to Windows Phone developers and helping partners ship apps on Windows Phone (including Facebook, Instagram, Pandora, Pinterest, Sonos, Spotify, Twitter, and more).


Expanding the Design Process for Mixed Reality
How to help your team ideate, communicate, and avoid paradigms when designing mixed reality experiences.

Representing Humans in Mixed Reality
The importance of volumetric video and authentic human capture.

Shared Experiences in Mixed Reality
Understanding the opportunity (and complexity) of designing for shared scenarios.

The Pursuit of More Personal Computing
How Microsoft’s bet on mixed reality creates new opportunities for designers and developers.

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